Wake Me Up: The Rolling Stones team with up Keurig for iced coffee kit


ABC/ Ida Mae Astute

The Rolling Stones want to help their fans wake up in the morning. The band has teamed up with Keurig for a new limited edition “Start Me Up” iced coffee kit.

The kit features all you need for a Rolling Stones morning, including a custom-designed K-Iced Brewer with the band’s Hot Lips logo, a matching tumbler and a special K-Cup coffee Pod blend, which is described as having “electrifying notes of strawberry” to give fans the “uncapped energy of The Rolling Stones.”

“We’re thrilled to be branching into the iced coffee space with Keurig,” the band said in a statement, according to Rolling Stone. “We’ve collaborated to bring this limited-edition product to life and give fans a new way to fuel their day.”  

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famers are even helping set the morning mood, hand-picking songs for a branded Spotify playlist to enjoy with the iced cup of Joe.

The “Start Me Up” iced coffee kit goes on sale June 6 for $139.99, with a 10-count of the K-Cup Pod and the tumbler, also sold separately for $10.99 and $12.99, respectively. Those interested can sign up for more info at Keurig.com.

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